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Our Podcast

Mind-reading 2017: mental health and the written word
25 March 2017

A one-day programme of talks and workshops seeking to explore productive interactions between literature and mental health both historically and in the present day. Aiming to identify the roles that writing and narrative can play in medical education, patient and self-care, and/or professional development schemes. Bringing together psychologists, psychiatrists, interdisciplinary professionals, GPs, service users, and historians of literature and medicine, we will be asking questions about ilterature as a point of therapeutic engagement. We will explore methods that can be used to increase the well-being and communication skills of healthcare providers, patients and family members.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon Studio on Friday, 10 March 2017.


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"When are you going to write a proper book?": A day for children's writers and illustrators
07 February 2017

How much do children’s writers get paid? How important are events and social media? What are publishers and agents looking for in 2017 and beyond?
Part of a suite of events celebrating 20 years of Children's Books Ireland, providing professional development services to Irish authors and illustrators.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon Studio on Saturday, 04 February 2017.

Listen back here: https://soundcloud.com/dlr-soundcloud/sets/when-are-you-going-to-write-a...


Daniel Levitin
25 January 2017
Join Daniel Levitin, acclaimed neuroscientist and bestselling author of The Organized Mind as he explains and debunks statistics in his new book A Field Guide to Lies and Statistics. Levitin teaches us how to effectively ask ourselves: can we really know that? And how do they know that?
Recorded at dlr LexIcon Studio on Tuesday, 24 January 2017.
Dublin since 1922: A panoramic yet intimate history of Dublin since Independence, by Tim Carey
21 December 2016

Recorded on Tuesday 8 November in dlr LexIcon Studio

Dublin Since 1922 tells the story of Ireland's capital city since independence. Richly illustrated throughout, it unfolds around hundreds of dates in the city's history, beginning with the founding of the Irish state - when Dublin had the worst slums in Europe - and ending in the last days of the Celtic Tiger. Through major events, Carey charts nearly a century of the capital's history, from the Civil War, the Eucharistic Congress and President Kennedy's visit, to the 1986 earthquake, the Stardust disaster and the changing faces of the St Patrick's Day parade. Brought to life are the figures who have shaped the city's identity - from Archbishop McQuaid to Tony Gregory, from Luke Kelly to Maeve Binchy - and the daily life of its people, through the books they read, the way they move around the city, the music they listen to, the crimes they commit and the unique experiences they have of simply being in the city of Dublin. A captivating celebration of people and place, this book makes essential reading for anyone who wants to understand how the character of a city - and its inhabitants - is shaped.

Tim Carey, dlr’s Heritage Officer is author of Mountjoy, The Story of a Prison, Hanged for Ireland, Hanged for Murder and Croke Park: A History.

Listen back here: https://soundcloud.com/dlr-soundcloud/dublin-since-1922-tim-careymp3

Margaret Drabble in conversation with Niall MacMonagle
21 December 2016

Dame Margaret Drabble is the author of eighteen novels including A Summer Bird-Cage, The Millstone, The Peppered Moth, The Red Queen, and most recently, the highly acclaimed The Pure Gold Baby. She has also written biographies, screenplays and was the editor of the Oxford Companion to English Literature. Her glittering new novel, The Dark Flood Rises, holds our hand as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death. The question of what constitutes a good death and how we understand it if we have lived well preoccupy this dark and enthralling novel. With characteristic wit and caustic prose, The Dark Flood Rises dazzles, entertains and poses the big existential questions in equal measure.

Recorded at the Pavilion Theatre on Wednesday 23 November 2016

Listen back here: https://soundcloud.com/dlr-soundcloud/margaret-drabble-mp3