Downloadable Books

Overdrive offers a large selection of eBook, audiobook, music and video titles. Overdrive is based on the ‘library lending model’ whereby titles are ‘checked out’ and issued to your Overdrive account for 21 days. You can check out up to 12 titles at any given time. If a title is checked out, it is no longer available to other borrowers until the 21 day lending period is up. Once you man viewing tabletdownload a title, you can then access it on your computer but you have the additional option of transferring it to an external device such as an eReader, MP3 player, Smartphone, iPad or tablet. Overdrive also has an app which allows you to download titles directly to your device. If you are interested in a title which is currently checked out, you can place a ‘hold’ on it and you will be informed by email when the title becomes available. Please note that Kindle e-reader devices are not compatible with Overdrive in Ireland (Kindle Fire tablets may be used as they allow you to download the Overdrive app). To use Overdrive, you will need your library card number and PIN. Help pages are available on the site and you may also contact with any queries. For more information, click on the DLR Library Overdrive homepage

OneClickdigital offers audiobook titles only. You can borrow up to 12 items at any given time and the lending period is 21 days. However, unlike Overdrive, OneClickdigital offers ‘simultaneous use’ on its titles which means that titles are always available to download - even if they have already been checked out by someone else. To use this service, you will need to create an account with OneClickdigital. You will be asked for your library card number when creating the account. OneClickdigital also has an app which allows you to download titles directly to an external device. We recommend that you use the support offered within the site - under the Help tab there are FAQs (frequently asked questions) and under Support there is a simple form to fill in to access the UK-based support. You should not click on Contact Us on the same page as these details are for the US-based audiobook publisher. You may also contact with any queries. Click here to create a new account

Borrowbox offers high-quality digital content in both eBook and eAudiobook format. Download digital books from some of the world’s most popular authors to your computer or directly to your smartphone/tablet via the BorrowBox app. Log in HERE using your library card number and PIN.