Chaos, Magic and the Band who burned a million pounds

By John Higgs
  • Humour
  • Music
  • Non-Fiction
“With the recent cryptic announcement that the KLF may be returning to the world stage this year there is no better time to read John Higgs' brilliant book on one of the most anarchic and unique British musical groups of the last century. The KLF were composed of artists Bil Drummond and Jimmy Cauty and produced a series of hit singles mixing early hip hop and dance music.
John Higgs’s book is more than a typical rock bio, instead spending a great deal of time discussing the KLF’s philosophical influences in the form of Dadaism, Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus trilogy and the Discordanist’s. Higgs also points out the myriad strange coincidences surrounding the band, suggesting an almost alchemical confluence of events surrounded the groups rise to stardom. A fascinating story in any case.
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