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01 Dec 2023 - 31 Jan 2024

December & January

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Talk and workshop will be announced in late Jan 2024, date TBC


Age is a privilege, unless you forget! is an intimate collaboration with the artist’s father, Charles. Multi-layered, it explores the perspective of a person living with dementia with an aim to open up a dialogue for the wider community.

There are no answers and no guarantees with this illness, only that it gets progressively worse. The number of people with dementia by 2051 worldwide is thought to rise to 250 million and as such, needs to be discussed as much as possible now.

Age is a Privilege, Unless You Forget! encourages visitors to find their own unique way of responding to the show and to experiences they may have had, of witnessing the decline in memory of people in their lives. It is through engagement with the exhibition that viewers will learn more about the experience and...

01 Dec 2023 - 31 Dec 2023

December & January

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Friday Friends is an exhibition of various art works produced by the members of the Living Well with Dementia art group. This weekly group is facilitated by Caroline Hyland who is an illustrator and art facilitator with a background in Visual Communications, Art Education and Occupational Therapy. The LWwD weekly art group is open to all but is particularly welcoming to people living with dementia. Every Friday, using a variety of media, Caroline guides the group in the creation of beautiful artwork and provides an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful self- expression, pleasure, and enjoyment. This exhibition showcases the innate talent and artistic ability that lives within us all.

This exhibition promotes Living Well with Dementia and advocates for a society to see the person first and not the disease.