Ease your mind through the creative practice of mandala

Tuesday, 26 January 2021
Monday 11th January, 10am-12pm, Tuesday 26th January, 10am-12pm

Join artist Patricia Fitzgerald, on the journey into the world of Mandala creation. Mandala's are an ancient artform, found all over the world, found throughout ancient to present times. They can be profoundly soothing and healing. As you work with mandala, you begin to balance your brain in a creative meditation, allowing you to calm the busyness of the 'monkey mind', letting your thoughts become clearer. Patricia will give a presentation on the history of mandala and how you can use them for calmness and healing. She will show you how to create a simple freehand mandala and show you how you can continue to create more complex designs. This artform truly is a balm for the soul, reconnecting you to your inner self and to the world of nature of which you are a part. You can find out more about Patricia's work here.

To book tickets please book via Eventbrite. One ticket per household.

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