Media Literacy Series 5: Fighting Disinformation/Fake News

Wednesday 25/11/2020

 Monday (Nov 23rd) – VIDEO 5 – The news industry: is journalism in crisis?

Before the advent of the internet, news production was in the hands of a few big media companies. This is no longer the case. This video will have a look at how the news industry has changed over the past twenty years and will discuss the work of journalists as curators of information, in opposition to the spread of misinformation especially through social media.

Video can be viewed here


- Wednesday (Nov 25th, 1pm) – Workshop (45 minutes): - Fighting disinformation/fake news.

In this workshop Ricardo Castellini da Silva will provide some simple but useful techniques to avoid being deceived and manipulated by false information online. Ideally, participants would have a digital device with them, such as a laptop or iPad – or even a smartphone.

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This video and webinar is part 3 of our Media Literacy Series, led and hosted by Ricardo Castellini da Silva, and curated by Jake Rowan Byrne @MetaTech - EdTech Solutions.


This series is part of the The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition Exhibition - a new exhibition on data and privacy created by Tactical Tech and promoted by The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. It explores how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it. The plan was to host the exhibition at dlr LexIcon from mid-October – mid-December but while Covid-19 restrictions continue, you can visit it online at


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