Shenanigans Series with Paul Timoney and Kyle Riley: Shenanigans Through Time

Monday, 10 May 2021

Shenanigans- silly or high spirited behavior; mischief

The shenanigan series of shows brings the fun and engagement of a live performance into the comfort of your living room with the power of ZOOM.

Pirates… Dinosaurs… This can only mean one thing- ‘Shenanigans Through Time’! There’ll be songs of the sea and shanties, me hearties, ballads of Dino extinction and more.

In ‘The Pair of Normal Pirates’ something sends their ship hurtling through time. They’ve sailed the seven seas, but will they ever get home?

And then… Where does a Stegosaur leave his new 4x4? At the ‘Jurassic Car Park’, of course! If there’s cars and dinosaurs in the same story, that must mean more trouble with time. You thought I forgot about the ‘more’, didn’t you? Well, here’s your ‘more’! Time to put paper to pen and make a psychic connection with our artist Paul in the pursuit of a magical art activity.

Suitable for the whole family, perfect for 5-11 yr olds. Running time approx.- 60mins. Booking via eventbrite here

Paul Timoney is a maker of poems, stories and things. He is also an art teacher at St. Brigid’s School for children with Special Needs and lecturer at AIT. Kyle Riley is a singer/songwriter of children’s music and has toured Ireland with his family concerts. He also runs early years music classes under the name- Little Folk Music for Young Children. Both Paul and Kyle have been recipients of Arts Council awards.

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