Shenanigans in Space with Paul Timoney and Kyle Riley

Monday, 19 April 2021

Shenanigans- silly or high spirited behavior; mischief

The shenanigan series of shows brings the fun and engagement of a live performance into the comfort of your living room with the power of ZOOM. We’re shooting for the stars with ‘Shenanigans in Space’! What happens when a farmer expands his crops across the Solar System? Find out in ‘Cosmic Cabbage’.

In ‘Rocket Vacation’, our lovely little blue dot is a favourite holiday spot for Aliens from all around the universe. There’s songs about stars, the solar system, space travel and more.

Sit back or sing along, shake it up or simmer down, there’s no way to do it wrong. Are we done?! NOPE! You’ll get creative building your own rocket with items found around the house turning your sitting room into mission control.

Suitable for the whole family, perfect for 5-11 yr olds. Running time approx.- 60mins

Booking essential via eventbrite. Click here

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