A Troubled Affluence at the United States 1945-1974. Tutor, Michael Doran

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

In 1945, the United States emerged as the dominant world power with an unprecedented global influence. It experienced a period of extraordinary economic growth and prosperity, which created a mood of national self-confidence that would see the ‘manifest destiny’ become international in nature. The long period of influence helped disguise serious divisions in American society. These divisions would shatter the mood of national unity that existed up to the 1960’s. The most important domestic issue was that of Civil Rights which unleashed a rights revolution among the marginalised in the United States. This course will cover this period of US history, visiting the locations that shaped the country during these years. Focusing on a wide range of personalities who left a deep impact on society. 

Studio Theatre, Level 1, dlr LexIcon

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