Visible Mending with Pauline Gallagher

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Join us for this workshop series with Pauline Gallagher of ‘The Knitting Class’ and ‘Winnie Rose Handmade’.


With our heightened awareness of the negative impact of ‘fast’ fashion and our throwaway culture on the health of our planet, there has been a growing interest in looking at ways to extend the life of textiles by mending. Visible mending is a design led decorative mending approach.

It is a growing trend which seeks to highlight the repair rather than hide it. The Japanese term ‘Wabi Sabi’ which essentially means finding beauty in imperfection encompasses the idea of visible mending.

Covering a variety of hand stitching techniques, the aim is to prolong the life of the garment or textile by reinforcing as well as repairing the fabric. These techniques are also be used to create Textile Art pieces.

All of the visible mending techniques Pauline will teach in this series are hand stitching techniques; slow stitching practices which will allow you to slow down, relax, reconnect with old traditions and enter a mindful/meditative state as you focus on the stitching.


You will need your own materials and we will send you a list ahead of time. Book via eventbrite here


May 4th 2pm: Darning: basic technique and decorative darning.

May 11th 2pm: Visible mending woven fabric: Sashiko, Embroidery; Applique.

May 18th 2pm: Visible mending knit fabric: Swiss darning to reinforce the fabric; swiss darning on ‘scaffold’ to repair a knit


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