Bringing Irish Hearts Together with Wicklow Willow

09 March 2021 /
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Learn all about St.Patrick and make Giant Shamrock Hearts for St.Patrick's Day with your family

Thanks to our friends Aoife and Pat at Wicklow Willow, we have a brilliant activity for all the family to take part in.


You’ll learn all about the life and legends of the young Patrick, how and where to find the materials you need outdoors, a workshop to create hearts that join together to make giant Shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day! These giant shamrocks can then be displayed indoors or outdoors, and decorated with green white and orange tinsel or fairy lights.

Celebrate our patron saint in giant style!

Click here to watch the 4 videos, and gather your materials to create your Willow Hearts. Once your hearts have been made you can join them together and create a Giant Shamrock to decorate and display however you wish.

You can also print out colouring pages and the scavenger hunt to help you on your way.


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