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09 April 2014 /
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dlr Libraries has over 170 sets of books for schools and reading groups. They have been divided into a Primary Secondary School list and a Secondary School & Adult list (which includes comparative texts for secondary schools, and other titles suitable for 5th and 6th years).

The sets are of varying sizes, from 10 to 30 copies, some suitable for primary school classes, some for smaller secondary school groups. Sets may be borrowed for 3 months at a time. Teachers who wish to borrow classroom sets must have a Block Loan card from their local library. To obtain one of these you must present proof of address (a current utility bill, etc.) and a letter from your school principal stating that you are employed there. You may collect the books from the branch library of your choice.

Each book is accompanied by a short description and a recommended reading age. Please note that the recommended reading age is advisory only, many titles may suit slightly younger or older age groups than the one given.

The Adult list consists of books which are catalogued as adult, some of which are on the Comparative Texts list for the Leaving Cert. Others on that list have been chosen by teachers and reading groups, and are suitable for older secondary school students.
To enquire about availability of any of our sets, or to reserve them, please contact your local library or email

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