First Man In

By Ant Middleton
  • Autobiography
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  • Non-Fiction

The troubled product of a broken home Ant Middleton joined the British Army at the age of 17 in 1997. A fiercely determined young man he advanced into the elite 9 Para Squadron RE and served in Northern Ireland and Macedonia. However the ultra macho boisterous hard drinking culture of his unit did not satisfy the dedicated Middleton who left to join the Royal Marines serving in 40 Commando and ultimately the Special Boat Service or SBS, the maritime counterpart of the more famous SAS the elite special forces of the British armed forces. He describes in excruciating detail the pitiless selection course designed to break recruits physically and most importantly mentally to weed out the weak and ensure only the best of the best qualify to serve in the special forces units tasked with the most dangerous missions in war zones like Afghanistan where Middleton served two tours fighting the Taliban at close quarters. After 15 years in the elite military world Middleton struggled to adjust to civilian life including a stint in prison for assaulting a police officer while his personal life threatened to fall part. He describes how he pulled back from the brink of self destruction forging a highly successful career on the British reality TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins, and Mutiny, a show that recreated the famous voyage of Captain Bligh in the Pacific. Part memoir and part self help book First Man In is a gripping read firstly for military enthusiasts but secondly as a guide to building mental toughness conquering fear and insecurity to make it in any area of modern life.
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