By Willy Vlautin
  • Atmospheric
  • Fiction
It's interesting to see the dedication in this book:  "For the Patron Saint of Nurses, Camillus de Lellis".
Even though it was written in 2014, it's a fitting reminder of the respect and gratitude we should give to nurses and health care workers always, not just during a time of crisis.
The characters in this work of fiction are real, real Americans in the way Hollywood Americans are not.
It's a beautiful, haunting story of Leroy, a young soldier in Iraq,  seriously wounded when a roadside bomb destroyed the vehicle he was in, and the people in his life before this and the same people when he returns to live in a home for disabled men.
You can almost feel the physical and mental pain Leroy is going through when you  read his dream/nightmare thoughts.
This is life after war - it never ends.
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