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05 February 2021 / Nuacht Leabharlainne
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Calling all teachers, students and anyone with an interest in current affairs and social media! Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries are pleased to present a new video, created by media educator Ricardo Castellini da Silva and Metatech, which takes a walk-through the exhibition: The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition. This is an exhibition on mobile technology and data, and how it can be manipulated. It was created by Tactical Tech and promoted by The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

This topic is of utmost concern, never more so as we are fed a continuous stream of news from around the world – from politics to the pandemic, climate change to celebrity culture. How do we read information and react to it? Who or what can we trust? Are you using your phone, or is it using you? From this year’s BT Young Scientist and Technology’s winning entry on how to detect deepfakes using artificial intelligence to the myriad ways our personal data can be hijacked, how do we get smart about surveillance? How do we fight back with a data detox plan? Read on!

Click HERE to join Ricardo as he talks us through the exhibition. Lasting 50 minutes, it includes numerous tips/quizzes to help you keep one step ahead during this volatile era. The exhibition can be accessed HERE.


Further Resources



Towards the end of last year, we hosted the online exhibition at

These resources, also created by Ricardo Castellini da Silva in partnership with Metatech and dlr Libraries, supplement the latest video with further commentary, debate and suggestions.



VIDEO 1 – Introduction + the basics about old versus new media. Click here

VIDEO 2 – Looking inside us: how we deal with information and knowledge. Click here

VIDEO 3 – Inside the system: how the internet and the digital platforms work.Click here

VIDEO 4 – Toxic content: bad producers, bad consequences. Click here

VIDEO 5 – The news industry: is journalism in crisis? Click here

VIDEO 6 - Fake news/disinformation: the multiple narratives for our reality. Click here

Webinar 1: Disinformation and COVID-19. Click Here

In this webinar Ricardo Castellini da Silva is joined by Dr Eileen Culloty, a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Future Media and Journalism (Fujo) at Dublin City University. They explore the misunderstanding around best practices to avoid contamination and conspiracy theories involving politicians, health organisations and tech companies.

Workshop 1: - Fighting disinformation/fake news. Click Here

In this workshop Ricardo Castellini da Silva will provide some simple but useful techniques to avoid being deceived and manipulated by false information online. Ideally, participants would have a digital device with them, such as a laptop or iPad – or even a smartphone. 

Workshop 2: How to improve the way we control our personal data. Click Here

In this workshop Ricardo Castellini da Silva will briefly discuss the issue with data privacy and provide some useful tips to better control how our personal information is used by tech companies.



Bio: Dr Ricardo Castellini da Silva

Dr Ricardo Castellini da Silva is a media literacy educator with an interest in studies and practices involving digital media, multimodal learning and new literacy studies. His research investigates the many ways in which new digital media can be used to promote media literacy in secondary students and enhance teachers’ practices in the use of technology in the classroom. Since 2015, he has been developing, managing and delivering workshops on topics related to digital media practices, media education, cultural studies and multimodal learning environments, both in Ireland and abroad. Ricardo also lectures at both Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University, and he is currently a member of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s Media Literacy Ireland network.



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