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20 July 2020 / Nuacht Leabharlainne
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dlr Libraries are delighted to present a bumper 12 week-long list of Recommended Listening thanks to Tim Thurston. As many of our regular visitors to dlr LexIcon will be aware, Tim has presented a variety of series ranging from Gregorian Chant to Contemporary Jazz here in the Studio Theatre since 2016. To keep our spirits up, he gave weekly recommendations over the last few months during the Lockdown and we now have Tim's full Compilation List plus a short introductory film by none other than Mr Thurston himself! The 12 week list provides Tim's classical choices for each morning and his jazz recommendations for every evening and we can guarantee that there is something for every music lover in these wonderful lists. Tim Thurston is a broadcaster, lecturer and writer and his programme on sacred music, Gloria, ran for 18 years on RTÉ Lyric FM. We are privileged to share in his enthusiasm and deep knowledge of music. Enjoy!

Check out the music suggested by Tim on YouTube, Spotify or Freegal. You can also search dlr LexIcon's extensive CD collection including a comprehensive selection of classical and jazz CDs donated by Tim over the last few years.



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