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Our Podcast

Julian Gough in conversation with Sarah Maria Griffin
03 October 2018

Press 1 for Dystopia, Press 2 for Utopia: Will technology lead us to heaven, or hell?

Recorded at dlr LexIcon on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

Listen back here: https://soundcloud.com/dlr-soundcloud/julian-gough-in-conversation-with-sarah-maria-griffin

Speeches of note, with editor Shaun Usher and a cast of leading Irish actors/readers
22 September 2018
Speeches of Note is a celebration of oratory old and new. From Shaun Usher, the author of the international bestseller, Letters of Note, comes an obsessively curated and sumptuously produced collection of speeches from throughout the ages. Some are surprising, inspiring, hilarious; others are moving, comforting, enlightening. Some of these speeches changed the course of history; others are all but unknown, and many of them are Irish. All are extraordinary.
Recorded in the Pavilion Theatre on Saturday 22 September 2018.
Sebastian Faulks in conversation with Edel Coffey
04 September 2018
Sebastian Faulks is widely regarded as one of the finest novelists of his generation. His magnum opus, Birdsong, has sold over two million copies. His new novel Paris Echo follows Hannah, an American postdoctoral researcher studying the German Occupation of Paris in 1940-44; and Tariq, a Moroccan teenager who has run away from home. Faulks takes us back into the hidden Paris of the Dark Years, the Algerian war and the simmering discontents of the Banlieue, a haunted city of injustice and bad faith, of ghettos and betrayal.
Recorded in the Pavilion Theatre on Tuesday 4 September 2018.
Ulysses on the South Dublin coast a talk with dlr library staff member Brendan Moriarty
26 June 2018

Ulysses tells the story of a day in the life of Dublin; a day that began right here in our area. Brendan Moriarty, a dlr Library Assistant and veteran Joycean, talks us through the events and background of the first 3 chapters, known as the Telemachiad, which are set in Sandycove, Dalkey and on Sandymount Strand.


Recorded in Dalkey Library on Thursday 14 June 2018, as part of Bloomsday celebrations

Listen back here: https://soundcloud.com/dlr-soundcloud/ulysses-on-the-south-dublin-coast-...

The Good Friday Agreement, a talk by Tim Pat Coogan
18 April 2018
Renowned historian and author Tim Pat Coogan gave a talk in Dalkey Library on Tuesday 10 April 2018 on the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement which was signed in Belfast on Good Friday, 10 April 1998. 
Tim Pat Coogan is the author of many titles on Irish history and politics including The IRA, Ireland since the Rising, The Famine Plot, Michael Collins, to name but a few.
Recorded at Dalkey Library on Tuesday 11 April 2018

Listen back here: https://soundcloud.com/dlr-soundcloud/the-good-friday-agreement-a-talk-by-tim-pat-coogan