Turtles all the way down

By John Greene
  • Character-driven
  • Coming of age
  • Fiction

The first novel from sensationally popular YA author and youtube personality John Green in five years, Turtles All The Way Down follows Aza Holmes. She is 16 years old, living in Indianapolis. The book follows Aza as she interacts with her friend Daisy, becomes involved in the mystery of what happened to the billionaire father of a childhood friend and through it all wrestles mentally with her anxiety.

Whilst Green as a web personality is one that I acknowledge can seem grating to some because of his boundless enthusiasm and particular presenting style "Turtles All The Way Down" demonstrates two things- his brilliant ability to write and his beautifully open candid nature. How someone who is forty years old and married with a child can so convincingly continue to write in the voices of teenagers amazes me.

This book is fantastic and transcends the YA label.


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