Moaning of Life

By Karl Pilkington
  • Autobiography
  • Comedy
  • Travel

This book is based on the Sky1 programme of the same name which sees Karl Pilkington, having recently turned 40, travelling around the world to see how other cultures approach the big issues in life. The only time Karl ever asked himself “Why are we here?” was when his girlfriend booked them a surprise holiday in Lanzarote. This time he’s travelling alone, and without the sniggery, puerile bullying of Gervais & Merchant he is hilarious, self-deprecating, humane and at times pure genius. His unique, mundane way of seeing the world in contrast to the weird and wonderful freak shows he encounters makes for brilliant comedy. A word of warning; don’t read this in a café unless you want to risk snorting coffee through your nose at the stranger opposite – you’ll have to read the chapter about the boot camp on how to pick up women to know what I mean, or maybe the one where he got a hair “prosthesis” or when he had to carry a giant phallus on his back at a fertility festival or….

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