I Do Not Like Books Anymore

By Daisy Hirst
  • Picturebook

This is a lovely book about little readers starting school and beginning to read books by themselves. Natalie and her monster brother Alphonse both love stories and even make up some of their own! But when Natalie discovers that reading is a little trickier (and more boring) than she was expecting, she declares that she does not like books anymore!

This kind of frustration with starting to learn something new is something that we can all empathize with, and the author deftly mixes this sympathy with the enjoyment of sharing stories and creative solutions.

I love the simple look of the monster characters; they look a little like finger paintings in bright primary colours. The simplicity of the style of this book is incredibly engaging.

I recommend checking out the other books in this series for any new readers or fans of excellent picture books.


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