Greeks Bearing Gifts

By Philip Kerr
  • Historical fiction
  • Mystery
  • Thriller

The self loathing anti-hero Bernie Gunther -(WW1 & WW2 veteran, ex cop, ex private eye, ex Gestapo detective..) is now in his 50s working at a degrading menial job in post war West Germany under an assumed name when a chance encounter with old comrades gets him a well paid job with a shady insurance company. After a vessel sinks under mysterious circumstances in Greece, Gunther is excited to dust off his detective skills once more but again he is drawn back into the dark depths of the crimes of the Third Reich. Armed only with his Walther pistol, cynical sense of humor and innate survival instincts can Gunther get to the bottom of the mystery and can he trust his seductive young female sidekick with his life..?

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