No. More. Plastic

By Martin Dorey
  • Non-Fiction

This is a very timely book, offering as it does, realistic ways that we can all do our bit to reduce the plastic accumulating in our seas. The author is the founder of the #2minutebeachclean; spending two minutes picking and bagging beach litter is all it takes to make a difference. It all started when Dorey moved to Devon in 2009 and saw how much litter ended up on the beaches, forming the Beach Clean Network as a result. After Atlantic storms during 2013 deposited huge amounts of rubbish, the #2minutebeachclean was born.

This book builds on the idea, introducing the#2minutesolution, seemingly small actions that can make a real difference. Dorey has divided the book into neat bite-sized sections, which explain what sorts of plastic can be recycled, simple ways you can reduce the plastic you use in the home, ideas for schools to reduce plastic and ideas for your workplace. Some of these I hadn’t even thought of, such as the amount of micro fibres shed from a wash load of man made fabrics. 

There’s plenty of food for thought here as well as some truly frightening statistics on the future of the environment if we don’t act decisively and soon. The book’s suggested resources are UK based (such as the Refill scheme, where many cafes will refill your water bottle for free) but nevertheless many of the hints and tips are relevant here too. This is especially relevant as international producers and retailers ensure that lotsof plastic ends up here! 

The book doesn't take an accusatory tone about using plastic, Dorey accepts that plastic has its uses and that it's here to stay, but he does urge us to think more about the single use items. The bite-sized approach gives everyone a few small things to try to do. You can save the planet more easily than you think is the essential message of his book.

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