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Michael Doran: Crimes and Impeachment
25 November 2019

As part of UCD's celebration of 70 years of Lifelong Learning, historian Michael Doran gave a talk on Monday 25 November on impeachment. In the constitution of the United States, the process of impeachment can be used against a President for ‘treason, high crimes and misdemeanours’. To date, this process has been attempted on seven occasions, including against the present incumbent. 
The lecture examined the historical circumstances in which impeachment was attempted against sitting Presidents with a particular focus on Presidents Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Richard Nixon in 1974 with comparisons made with the current impeachment process against President Trump.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire on Mon, 25 Nov 2019.

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The Last Peacock: Gerald Dawe and Dr Éimear O’Connor
18 November 2019

In what has become a time-honoured tradition, Dún Laoghaire-based poet Gerald Dawe provided local audiences with a special event to mark his most recent collection, hosted by dlr Libraries. Gerald’s The last peacock, published by The Gallery Press was launched with a visual essay by Dr Éimear O’Connor, interspersed with readings by Gerald from The last peacock.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire on Mon, 18 Nov 2019.

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Joseph O'Connor in conversation with Liz Nugent
30 October 2019
Irish author Joseph O’Connor discusses his new novel about Bram Stoker with crime-writing maven Liz Nugent. O’Connor’s new novel Shadowplay is a masterful account of the relationship between Bram Stoker and the great actor, Henry Irving. Through his intense relationships with Irving and the actress, Ellen Terry, Stoker will be inspired to write his masterpiece, Dracula.
Recorded at the Pavilion Theatre, Dún Laoghaire on Wed, 30 October 2019.
Seminar: Oratory of the Sacred Heart, Dún Laoghaire
23 October 2019

On 23 October a day-long seminar was held in the Studio Theatre, celebrating the centenary of the Oratory of the Sacred Heart. This podcast has all the talks from the day so slide forward to hear the various speakers.

0:00:00 - A Road to God: Sr Concepta’s Oratory of the Sacred Heart. Dr Síghle Bhreathnach-Lynch, Art Historian.
00:26:45 - Women Religious and Oral History. Dr Catriona Delaney, Convent Collections Fellow, UCD. 
00:54:00 - Selection of teaching orders in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.
Mount Anville, David Gunning, dlr Archivist in Residence at dlr LexIcon.
Loreto Dalkey, Sarah Greene, oral historian and Oratory guide.
Dominican Convent, Dún Laoghaire, Liz Clarke Pilkington, Oratory guide.
1:55:05 - Through Her Eyes: Writing Women’s Histories. Clodagh Finn, journalist and writer.
2:25:20 - Dún Laoghaire Arts Centre (DLAC). Marian Thérese Keyes, Librarian, dlr LexIcon.
2:41:15 - Vintage Values: Marketing Religion. Lír Mac Cárthaigh, Art Director,Veritas.
3:00:25 - The Cultural Revival in Glass: Harry Clarke and the Geneva Window. Fiana Griffin, Irish Art Studies.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire on Wed, 23 October 2019.

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Mary Costello in conversation with Nadine O’Regan
23 October 2019

Mary Costello’s eagerly-awaited second novel, The River Capture, tells of one man’s descent into near madness, and the search for rescue. Luke O’Brien has left Dublin to live a quiet life on his family land on the bend of the River Sullane. Alone in his big house, he longs for a return to his family’s heyday and turns to books for solace. This is a novel about love, loyalty and the raging forces of nature. More than anything, it is a book about the life of the mind and the redemptive powers of art. In the words of Sara Baume, ‘it is as near perfect as it is possible for a novel to be’.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon, Dún Laoghaire on Wed, 23 October 2019.

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