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Tim Winton in conversation with Paula Shields
29 May 2017

The Boy Behind the Curtain is a portrait of a life, a place and a man. In this deeply personal collection of true stories and essays, Tim Winton shows how moments from his childhood and life growing up have shaped his views on class, faith, fundamentalism, the environment, and – most pressingly – how all his experiences have made him a writer.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon Studio on Monday, 29 May 2017.
When are you going to write a proper book? A day for picturebook writers and illustrators
27 May 2017

After the sell-out success of our last day for children’s writers and illustrators, dlr Libraries hosted another event packed with information on all aspects of picturebooks. Hear a host of award-winning picturebook makers talk about their work and find out what publishers and agents are looking for.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon Studio on Saturday, 27 May 2017.
Ann Patchett in conversation with Edel Coffey
22 May 2017

Listen back to Orange Prize-winning author Ann Patchett on a very rare visit to these shores. Her latest novel, Commonwealth, is a powerful story of two families brought together by beauty and torn apart by tragedy. The Sunday Times reviewer praised it lavishly as ‘life-affirming and compulsively readable’.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon on Monday, 22 May 2017.
A musical voyage
16 May 2017

Katerina García (vocals, shruti box), Síle Denvir (harp, vocals, shruti box) and Robert Harvey (flute) embark on a collaborative journey which brings together musical traditions from across the European continent. Their repertoire includes versions of Bohemian and Moravian, as well as Castilian, Catalan and Sephardic Jewish traditional songs, which they complement with songs and instrumental motifs from the Irish musical tradition. Through their unique renderings of captivating melodies, enhanced by means of subtle harmonic arrangements, they create a musical landscape of a unique quality and evocativeness.
From the Eastern Mediterranean to the coast of Ireland, through the heart of Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, these three outstanding musicians take their audience on a fascinating musical voyage across genres and cultural borders.

Recorded at dlr LexIcon on Tuesday, 16 May 2017.

Listen back here:

Julie Parsons in conversation with Declan Hughes
02 May 2017
Listen back to local author Julie Parsons in conversation with fellow writer and reviewer Declan Hughes. Julie’s new book The Therapy House – her first in almost a decade – is an atmospheric tale that takes the reader from Dún Laoghaire to Venice, a mix of contemporary crime and the dark divisions of the past. Retired detective Michael McLoughlin stumbles on his neighbour’s murder which ultimately may lead him to understand the killing of his father decades ago. The Therapy House represents a new expansive stage in Julie Parson’s writing career, a panoramic novel rich in character, intriguingly plotted and carefully drawn.
Recorded at dlr LexIcon Studio on Tuesday, 2 May 2017.