Picnic at Hanging Rock

By Joan Lindsay
  • Drama
  • Fiction
  • Film
  • Mystery

Having enjoyed watching Peter Weir's "Picnic at Hanging Rock" years ago I was intrigued to see that it has been remade in to a new mini series which is currently being shown on BBC. Having watched one episode of the new series I can say that it is completely different to the film which could be described as weird, mysterious, ethereal, haunting and atmospheric on many levels. Set in Victoria, Australia on St. Valentine's Day 1900 and based on the novel by Joan Lindsay, the film has incredible cinematography and this alone is worth watching for along with the haunting musical soundtrack. However, it is the story that will stick with you and will leave you with so many questions, with possible answers being eluded to throughout the movie - it is a real mystery. Both the book and the 1975 film are available in the library, and with the book being rated as one of the best Australian novels by critics, it is a must read - particularly if you are enjoying the new mini series. 

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