Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands

By Will Carruthers
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I’m a long-time glutton for Rock ‘n’ Roll memoirs – and as far as these go, Will Carruthers’ compulsive memoir ‘Playing the bass with three left hands’ slouches in gentlemanly repose near the very top of the pile. If you’ve never heard of Will Carruthers before, he was the bass player for UK indie psychedelicists SPACEMEN 3 and SPIRITUALIZED from the period of the late 80’s to the early 90’s – and these are his fuzzy remembrances of his time in both bands and beyond.

Like every good R’n’R book should, this one serves up some absolutely hilarious anecdotes (the titular episode in particular taking the biscuit). A charismatic and insightful raconteur, Carruthers delivers his often bizarre memories in a decidedly drole, laconic and elegantly wasted fashion - and like every R’n’R soldier worth his salt, treats all the minor triumphs and disasters as the one and same imposter. He never allows his ego to get in the way of a good story and this is what makes this book so damn funny, memorable and warm. Highly recommended reading for fans or if you were around in those heady days !


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