Rainbow Six

By Tom Clancy
  • Crime
  • Fiction
  • Thriller

Published in 1998 Tom Clancy’s techno thriller which spawned a series of hit computer games focuses on special forces commander John Clark and his son in law Domingo Chavez rather than CIA agent Jack Ryan who was the central character of his previous thriller novels. In later novels Ryan had become President of the United States defending his country in a series of wars and against international terrorism. In the opening of the novel Clark and his new black ops team code named Rainbow Six foil a hijacking on a transatlantic flight before defeating a series of terrorist attacks around the world connected to Popov a former KGB agent hired by the sinister Horizon Corporation who reactivates extremists he handled during the Cold War. It soon emerges that an environmental advisor to the President has been leaking top secret information to her husband who controls Horizon. Horizon are a group of fanatical wealthy environmentalists who lost faith in persuading humanity to save the world from extinction and are plotting to release a modified strain of ebola at the Sydney Olympics with the aim of killing the world’s population. Can Clark and his team discover the demonic plot in time..? Clancy with insider knowledge on the workings and capabilities of intelligence and special forces operations creates a breathless highly plausible and ultimately chilling scenario filled with terrific action and ingenious twists and turns.

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