The Theory of Everything

By Stephen Hawking
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I recently watched ' The Theory of Everything' starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking. This is one of the most inspiring, marvellous true stories I have ever seen.
The film follows his life story from his early twenties at University, where he first shows his brilliant mind, standing head and shoulders above his contemporaries in intellect and ability. It is at University that he meets and falls in love with the woman who is to become his wife. It is here too, in his early twenties, that he is first diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and we are shown the devastating physical effects of this disease over the course of his life. With the help and support of his very loving and capable wife, he continues with his studies and his research throughout his life, overcoming every obstacle thrown in his way. It is a truly inspirational and uplifting story, superbly acted by all concerned, especially Eddie Redmayne as Hawking. It is a film that is a tribute to the human spirit and to what is possible even in the face of devastating illness

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