dlr Libraries are open to everyone. We welcome visitors to browse our collections, view exhibitions or attend library events. You do need to be a member to borrow material, to study, use a PC or access our online resources. Joining the library is free.

You may become a member by registering HERE or at your local library. Bring photo ID plus one document showing your current address, e.g. a driver's licence, electricity bill or post office book, to your local dlr library. All documentation offered as ID must have been issued in the last 6 months.

If your library card has expired, please contact your local library to renew it. Contact details for your local dlr library can be found here

A parent or guardian must accompany children under 8 years at all times.



What you need to know about your membership

How can I join?

You may become a member by registering here or at your local library. Bring photo ID plus one document showing your current address, e.g. a driver's licence, electricity bill or post office book, to your local dlr library. All documentation offered as ID must have been issued in the last 6 months.


Young people (under 18 years) will need a parent or guardian to act as guarantor.
Guarantors are required to bring current proof of their address and must accompany new members to the library when registering or collecting new library cards.

Guarantors are responsible for all charges incurred by those they guarantee.
Guarantors are also responsible for the conduct in the library of those they have guaranteed.

Your Library Card ?

Your library card allows you to reserve and borrow items from all library services in the country.

You must bring your library card if you wish to borrow library material or use a Public PC in DLR Libraries.

Please notify DLR Libraries immediately if your library card is lost or stolen, as you are responsible for any transactions prior to this notification.

All borrowers are responsible for ensuring that the Library Service has their correct personal details, i.e. address, phone numbers and email address.

What can I borrow?

Your library is part of the new national Library Consortium initiative. If you join in dlr,  your library card will allow you to borrow and request items from any public library in Ireland. A maximum of 12 items in total may be borrowed from these libraries, including books, CDs, DVDs, talking books and computer games.

Members may also download a further 12 items from each of our online downloadable books services.

Back issues of magazines are also available for lending.

The library service is bound by the ratings of Irish Film Censor’s Office and PEGI in relation to the lending of DVDs and computer games.

Members must be 15 years or over to borrow books from the Adult library, unless consent is given by a guardian. For more information, enquire about our Young Adult Plus membership account.

Parents should monitor their children’s loans.

How long can I keep my loans?

The standard loan period is 21 days. However, renewing your loans can extend this period. Items not reserved by another borrower may be renewed up to 5 times.
Extended loans can be arranged for members who have special needs; please ask at your local branch for more information.

Please note that inter-library loans from outside Irish public libraries may be borrowed for 3 weeks only and are non-renewable.

How can I renew Items?

There are five ways to renew items; in person, by phone, post, email or online.
Library staff will be happy to check your ticket on request at your local branch. It is recommended that you update your loans on each visit to your library.

You can also phone ANY of the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown branch libraries to check your account status. Please have your library card to hand as you will be asked to quote your membership number from it.

Renewing online

To renew your loans online, click here. You will be prompted to enter your surname, your borrower number (the number over the barcode on your card). You will also need a PIN. This can be obtained from your local library or reset here.If you have any problems accessing your account online, please contact one of the branch libraries.

What happens if I don’t return my loans on time?

From 1st January 2019, public library members across Ireland will not have to pay fines for overdue items and no existing fines will be collected. All overdue fines on members’ accounts as of this date will also be removed. However, no fines does not mean no responsibility! Members will continue to receive reminders and overdue emails to prompt them to return items to their library and are asked to return items on or before their due date to allow them to be borrowed by other library users. Restrictions may be placed on library cards with overdue items.

Further details about dlr Libraries available here:

Further details about the national strategy available here:


Are there any charges?

It is free to join the library, but there are charges for a number of services:

Inter library loans: €5.00 per item for stock outside Irish Public Libraries
Black & white photocopying: 20c per page
Colour photocopying: 50c per page
Black & white printing: 20c per page
Colour printing: 50c per page