This is Where I Leave You

By Jonathan Tropper
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Families
  • Humour
  • Relationship
This is the story of a family seen through the eyes of Judd Foxman as he reluctantly spends 7 days sitting Shiva with them to mourn the passing of his father. He is also mourning the loss of his wife, who has recently left him for his schlock jock boss and now announces that she’s pregnant, sending Judd into a tailspin. 
I loved this book, and even though the Foxmans take a bit of laughing off, they come across as real people with believable faults and foibles. Judd runs the gamut of emotions from anger and misery to a kind of acceptance, and an acknowledgment that family is part of what we are, for good or ill. Tropper’s observations are sharp and his language robust, as well as very funny at times – not for the squeamish. 
I’ve just borrowed the film of the book from the library – can’t wait to see what Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda & Tina Fey (seems like perfect casting) do with this quirky, clever novel.
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