Who-ology: Doctor Who:The Official Miscellany

By Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
  • Humour
  • Non-Fiction

This ‘regenerated edition’ of the 2013 Who-ology will answer any question you might care to pose about the long history of this television series. As the blurb on the back cover asks, ‘Can you name the Doctor’s favourite Gallifreyan bedtime stories?’ Well if you can’t do that now, you will be able to after perusing this comprehensive data base of Doctor Who’s life and times. If you were wondering why some Daleks are different colours from others, then look no further than this very helpful volume. Of course, if you aren’t a fully paid up Doctor Who fan, then all of this knowledge will be of very little use (are there such people?) If however you have even the slightest interest in Doctor Who, then I think you’ll easily get sucked into the mountain of Who-ology presented by the editors.

The book is divided into chapters dealing with the doctor’s many regenerations, his companions, the monsters and so on. Some quirky bits of trivia in ‘Relative Dimensions: Doctor Who and Popular Culture’ tell us which Dr Who alumni have also appeared in some of the Star Trek, James Bond and Carry On productions. To give you an easy one, Barbara Windsor was one of the Carry On/Dr Who crossover names. But I don’t think I will reveal Dr Who’s favourite bedtime stories (well, OK, maybe just one then). I rather liked the sound of ‘Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday’. Possibly not a very soothing read, which could explain much about the Doctor’s future career…


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