World War Z

By Max Brooks
  • Fiction
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction

It's a shame that the movie deviated from the book, I wasn't bothered reading it after I saw the movie, but I was encouraged by a friend to do so, and I was not disappointed! The attention to detail and the vivid imagination of the author oozes from the pages.

The book is set ten years after the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, mankind has been devastated, victory has come at a dreadful cost over many years. The narrator is an agent of the UN Post-War Commission as he travels all over the world to find out definitively what happened in the different countries. He learns of the extreme sometimes medieval measures some countries took to survive, while other nations used modern warfare tactics to no avail against the hundreds of millions of Z’s. Tales of Napoleonic tactics to defeat the hordes of Z’s capture the imagination.

Ten years on and still nobody has heard from North Korea, only rumours. Nearly all Major cities lie abandoned and there are Nuclear wastelands. Zombies still roam the ocean floors and wastelands, they are frozen in the tundra and trapped in buildings in the abandoned cities. Mankind is mopping up the remainder but wary of another outbreak.

Give it a shot, it’s really cleverly done and very easy to read, you won’t regret it. The Audiobook is especially good, the array of famous actors cast as the various characters will surprise you, and is testament to how good it is, Alan Alda, Mark Hamill, Common, Jurgen Prochnow, Henry Rollins, Jeri Ryan, Simon Pegg and Paul Sorvino to name but a few will make any car journey fly by, but be sure to get the unabridged version for all the extra juicy interesting bits


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