Crossing Borders, Forging Republics: Roger Casement and his experience in Peru.

During Library Opening Hours
The Exhibition runs from 6 August-30 September.
Launch on Thurs 29 August as part of the Roger Casement Summer School. All welcome. (Time TBC)
Roger Casement (1864-1916) made two journeys into the north-west Amazon to investigate claims about the mistreatment of workers involved in rubber extraction and he wrote an official report exposing the desperate plight of indigenous Amazonian communities. Casement’s legacy as an activist and a revolutionary, not only for Irish Independence and against King Leopold II’s Congo Free State has fascinated generations of Peruvian intellectuals, among them José Carlos Mariátegui and Mario Vargas Llosa.
This exhibition has been compiled by the Embassy of Peru in Ireland with the support of the Dublin Festival of History, a Dublin City Council initiative.

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