Feast of the Earth: A Timescape of Existence, Earth and Humanity

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Feast Upon the Earth is a big picture story depicting existence, Earth and humanity. The artwork is a large timescape 2.4 metres high, spanning 10 metres. It was originally commissioned by the Irish Museum of Modern Art as part of the Earth Rising eco-festival.

Feast Upon the Earth situates us in geological time, zooming in on human timeframes as we progress through the 8 panels. As we move through the panels towards the present moment, the complexity accelerates and the impact of human choices and systems on nature become apparent. The connection between the cosmos and humanity is shown. We are led to reflect on our place in the whole dynamic of existence, and ponder “What future will we choose?” 

The timescape’s title has a double meaning to refer on one hand to Earth's cornucopia that nature offers; and on the other hand, humanity's accelerated consumption of nature that is destroying the biosphere and jeopardising human existence. 
Awareness of where we are is the first step towards choosing our future. When did time start? Who owns Earth? What will we eat when the oil runs out? These are some of the big questions that Feast Upon the Earth asks. Immerse yourself and feed your imagination with this visual journey.

Accompanying the timescape is a questionnaire to help visitors explore the panels.

Talk and launch: Wed 31 July 6-7pm, LexIcon Lab
No booking required. All ages welcome. Refreshments served.

Level 3, dlr LexIcon

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