Composing with GarageBand Workshops

30 August 2016 / Events
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Open to anyone with access to an Apple computer who would like to explore the exciting realm of digital music composition. This course will unlock the amazing creative potential of GarageBand, Apple’s signature music production software. Learn to manipulate GarageBand’s powerful arsenal of production tools to create anything from high-energy pop to innovative works of sonic art. Students will develop practical skills with the program, learning to record live instruments, import external audio files, access and manipulate on board audio/midi samples, control software instruments, layer and edit loops and apply digital effects. GarageBand’s innovative architecture and vast library of audio and midi samples mean that anyone with imagination, and a touch of musicality can come up with astounding results and experience the exhilaration of music creation.

A long-time composer, producer and recording artist, Dr Ford teaches composition and cultural theory at BIMM, (British and Irish Institute of Modern Music) and tutors in Theory and Musicianship at the School of Music, University College Dublin. He is an energetic and experienced musician with knowledge of popular and experimental music. He will set you on your way to creating your own musical masterpieces

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