Design a dlr Postcard Competition Results 2020

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Design a dlr Postcard Competition Results 2020

Congratulations to the winners in our recent Design a dlr Postcard Competition, the finale of our What’s in a Name Decade of Centenaries initiative. Our thanks to ALL who took part, we really enjoyed your entries. We have printed postcards of the winning entries, available in all dlr branch libraries when we reopen again.

Our winners are as follows:

1.       Michael Lee
2.       Neil Muldowney
3.       Jacqueline McKay

12-18 years
1.       Katie Lu
2.       Ruairí Condon
3.       Caylee Cramer

11 years and under
1.       Conor McCashin
2.       Elias Faustino Lawlor
3.       Levi Faustino Lawlor

Highly Recommended: Kashvi Goyal, Cate McCashin and Finn O’Brien-Harte
A special thanks to Mags Harnett who was our judge for the competition. Mags is a contemporary Irish artist who works as a guide and workshop facilitator at the National Gallery of Ireland and she is a member of Visual Artists of Ireland. She teaches Art Appreciation at the ETB and the Schoolhouse for Art. She has worked with dlr Libraries recently on the Divine Illumination Oratory project and on the Depicting Diversity initiative.