dlr Teen Entrepreneur STEM Camp & Hackathon 2018

23 April 2018 / News
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dlr Teen Entrepreneur STEM Camp & Hackathon 2018


Our Third STEM initiative for Transition Year students is on from

October to December 2018


Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Libraries and Local Enterprise Office Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown (LEO DLR) were delighted to host a third Student TY Entrepreneur Learning Camp in STEM subjects (Science, Techology, Engineering and Maths) for Transition Year students this Autumn. This year's camp also features a STEM Hackathon on the theme of 'Assisted Living' and is supported and funded by Science Foundation Ireland. The venue is again the dlr LexIcon LAB, a space which offers programmes on coding, computer programming, 3D printing, robotics and other creative technologies to people of all ages.


The camp finished on a Show and Share event on the 29th November held in the Studio Theatre in dlr LexIcon. 9 Student teams presented 9 new innovative projects and business plans to judges and peers. The projects exceeded all our expectations with regards innovation and the enthusuamism with which the TY Students involved displayed.  

The nine projects were: 

  1. Vet Collar - fitbit for pets
  2. Logical Lights - Smart Lampposts that can measure environmental conditions (air quality, noise etc.)
  3. Memory Glass - augmented reality glasses for those who have issues remembering (has facial recognition etc.)
  4. Finger Chip - Payment system using an embedded chip in your thumb
  5. Peltier Puffa - Smart jacket with heating/cooling system and LED indications for safety at night
  6. Mood Monitor -  Necklace that reflects your mood based heart rate and skin galvanic response
  7. Smart Soles - insoles for shoes that link to google maps to guide those with visual disabilities or those who get lost (dementia etc.)
  8. Sano Straw - a smart straw that detects if your drink has been spiked (also measures alcohol and sugar intake) 
  9. BioDivide Bins - Bin that scan the item placed in it and automatically chooses if it can be recycled or not 
The four categories that the judges used for the pitches are: Multimedia Presentation, Innovation/Creativity, Business Pitch/Case, Presentation. 
The winning project was the Peltier Puffa.

In December a two day Hackathon will involve 60 participants from the Camp, develping project involving STEM elements on the theme of 'Assisted Living'.  

dlr Libraries and dlr LEO would like to achnowledge the support and funding provided by Science Foundation Ireland Discover Fund 2017.  For more information please contact Maeve McElligott, dlr Libraries librarybookings@dlrcoco.ie

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