'I am Shanganagh' poem

31 May 2017 / News
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As part of her residency, Sarah Webb, the dlr Writer in Residence 2016-2017 did some outreach work in the dlr county. In April, Sarah Webb and local poet Lucinda Jacob visited Shanganagh Park House. Sarah created artwork with the younger after school children and both Sarah and Lucinda created a very special group poem with older children who attend the afterschool in Shanganagh Park House. The poem is called 'I am Shanganagh'.

On Wednesday May 31st President Michael D. Higgins visited Shanganagh Park house to celebrate its 40th year anniversary. Our president and poet was presented with a copy of 'I am Shanganagh' poem.

I am Shanganagh

By Alex, Ciara, Patrick, Jessica, Sofia, Darragh, Rhys, Tia, Szymon, Kajus,
Aaron, Michelle, Lee, Mark, Lana, Maja, Eoin

Who am I?
I am the sunrise behind blossom trees,
I am a soft breeze ruining people’s hair,
I am the sun making light for the world,
I am a bus stop with people waiting.

I am a supermarket. I’m full of stalls but not so many dolls.
I am a path that is black and filled with stones,
I am a park full of happy and excited children,
I am a bird singing on a branch,
I am a wave hello that can fly.

I am an electric tower sending out waves of power,
I am a cat that goes meow!
I am a cat with red eyes and green fur,
I am a bird flying in the sky,
I am a tree with green leaves.

I am a man that walks on the road,
I am the sun that likes to shine
But when no-one sees me, I fly.

I am a house which is one of many,
To get in you need a key. Push the door and walk on the floor.
I am a house with flowers outside and a tree house.
I am Shanganagh Beach. People walk on me.
I am a big wave waiting to collapse.

I am a street light shining in the dark,
I am a tree with no leaves,
I am the moon coming up to say hello,
I am the big house with the bright red door.

I am a house.
I am a kitten.
I am a cat.
I am a flower.
I am beautiful.
I am my friend.

I am Shanganagh. 


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