Reader Pens

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Reader Pens read words and full lines of text aloud for independent reading. Those with dyslexia, those who have difficulty with reading or pronunciation, those learning languages or those with vision problems will find these pens extremely helpful pieces of technology.

This device reads text out with natural speaking voice. The pens have built-in dictionaries so you can access definitions as you read for better understanding.

These devices can be borrowed, by any library user for an eight week loan period. To access these pens please email

Please note we also have Reader Pens available for reference use within all eight branch libraries.

The Reader Pen:

  • Text-to-speech technology develops reading comprehension and confidence
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries help nurture language learners
  • Easy to use functions promote reading independence for people of all ages
  • Reads text out aloud.
  • Looks up and reads out definitions of words.
  • Complete privacy/Secure – no scanned/read data stored.
  • No wifi required.
  • Speaker and earphone jack.
  • Rechargeable battery.


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