Your dlr library app, with new self issue function

General News

Other great features of dlr Libraries app include:

  • Keep your own and the entire family's account details in one place, with loans and requests for everyone available at a glance. Renew quickly from one place for everyone.
  • You can search the catalogue easily, and request a book at a click. In addition there's a scan a barcode feature that allows you to scan the ISBN found on the back cover of any book, then linking seamlessly through to check the catalogue and allow you to request it. 
  • Ebooks, audiobooks, music, as well as other resources can be downloaded directly to your device.
  • All our social media accounts, news, and the library events calendar available in one place.
  • Book a pc from your device.  
  • Nearest libraries, with directions via Google maps along with their opening hours and contact details.
  • Newer models of self-service kiosks in Deansgrange, Shankill, and Dalkey Libraries will read the barcode on your app, replacing the need to carry your library cards with you! Note the library card is still needed to access My Open Library services in Deansgrange for now.