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Welcome to Mountains to Sea Podcast page. If you missed some of our events this year you can now get a chance to hear them as they happened.

Here you can browse the complete collection of podcasts in the series. Each one may be played on the page, or downloaded and saved. You can also use iTunes for automatic downloading and syncing to an iPod, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Readers Day Mountains to Sea Book Days : Supporting Stories

Michael Harding and Tommy Tiernan
8 September, 2013 More Details
Writing for Televison with writers from The Fall, The Bridge and Spooks
8 September, 2013 More Details
Maurice Riordan and Anne Vegter
8 September, 2013 More Details
Strong/Shine Poetry Award Reading
8 September, 2013 More Details
John Balaban
7 September, 2013 More Details
What is a podcast?

The term comes from combining "iPod" and "broadcast."
An easy way to understand it is audio on demand. You listen when it's convenient for you. You can access it 24 hours a day.

Why are DLR Libraries podcasting some of their programs?

People have busy lives and can't always attend the events in the Libraries when they'd like to. Podcasting offers those patrons a chance to listen to our biggest events whenever and wherever they want!

What does it cost to download or listen to a podcast?

Nothing. It's free