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30 September 2020 / News
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During the months of October and November 2020, dlr LexIcon has planned a series entitled Plays in the Park, supported by Creative Ireland funding. The plays will be performed in Moran Park for the most part, beside the Library. We will be collaborating with artistes who have worked with us before so we know that audiences will be entertained and stimulated. It is an important step towards providing a measure of confidence for community audiences and opportunities for artistes to perform for live audiences again. Some of the performances will also be live-streamed.

Performances are advertised on Eventbrite and dlr Libraries will adhere at all times to Covid 19 guidelines (i.e. max of 15 people in total per show outdoors, including actors.) Audiences are encouraged to keep up to date with any new government guidelines and also to bring warm clothing to ensure comfort throughout the show. If there is heavy rain, fear not – we will have an alternative more sheltered venue nearby.


Saturday 10 October at 7.00pm. Tickets €11.53 each including fee.

LIVE FROM OUR LIVING ROOM!!! With the new nationwide restrictions, our performance of Zandra, Queen of Jazz, originally scheduled to take place in the Studio at dlr LexIcon, will now be performed in Darn Skippy's very own living room--transformed into a jazzy cocktail bar...just for you! We'll even send you a pre-show email pack full of jazzy surprises, to make the at-home theatre experience extra special.

Zandra, Queen of Jazz (online): Click here to book.

Zandra, Queen of Jazz Written and performed by Roseanne Lynch. Directed by Katherine Soloviev. Original Music, Arrangements and Sound Design by Richard Lennon. Costume and Lighting Design by Lianne O’Shea. Poster by Eugene Korolkov. (75 minutes)

After two sold-out runs at Smock Alley Boys’ School Theatre, and a very memorable performance at dlr LexIcon last December, Darn Skippy Productions are delighted to return to the LexIcon with Zandra, Queen of Jazz. With just her sax and a suitcase, Zandra Mitchell joined a jazz band and toured the world. Born in Phibsborough, Dublin in 1903, she was Ireland’s first female saxophonist. While the twenties roared she found her way through Europe to Berlin. The dictators rose; the books burned; the bombs dropped…and Zandra played her sax. Darn Skippy Productions present Zandra, Queen of Jazz, a play with original music, based on an extraordinary true story.

Supported by Jazz Ireland. The early development of this piece was supported by an Emerging Artist Bursary from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Arts Office; with further support from dlr LexIcon Library and the Moat Theatre.


Saturday 31 Oct at 3.00pm at the Pond, dlr LexIcon. Tickets €11.53 each including fee.            

Swan, Unmuted (in person): Click here to book

Swan, Unmuted (online): Click here to book

Swan, Unmuted Written and performed by Roseanne Lynch. Directed by Lianne O’Shea. Live Stream Directed and Poster Photography by Richard Lennon. (60 minutes)

From the creators of Zandra, Queen of Jazz

Fi has been a swan for nine hundred years. Nine hundred years, waiting for revenge. Nine hundred years of soggy bread and no toes - but anything is better than being human. A short tragicomedy, inspired by the story of the Children of Lir, and performed in a pond.


Saturday 7 Nov, in Moran Park, dlr LexIcon. Tickets €10.00 each. Click here to book 

Times:  2pm, 3pm & 4pm, Running time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Shiva Productions Present The F Word

Cast:  Robert Harrington, Michael Heavey, Geraldine McAlinden and Lisa Walsh.

Directed by Aoibhinn Marie Gilroy


Online dating can be a bit dodgy at the best of times. During the Covid it's downright nuts. That won't stop Dunlavin's Paddy Moriarty from finding love though. Gloves - tick. Mask - tick. Hand sanitiser - tick. But will Marie tick all his boxes? Will she measure up to his rather large expectations? 

Shiva Productions have revived two of their most popular 10-minute plays to bring a smile back to your face. Previously featured as part of Angels in the Park II: 

Forgiveness by Owen Fitzpatrick

Food of Love by Lorna Kelly-Dalton

Due to current health regulations, a limited capacity of 13 audience members per performance will be applied. Social distancing will be adhered to at all times. Audiences are encouraged to wear facemasks during the performance. Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home. Contact tracing will apply. The F Word: Food of Love by Lorna Kelly Dalton and Forgiveness by Owen Fitzpatrick. (30 minutes)


Saturday 14 Nov at 3.00pm in Moran Park, dlr LexIcon. Tickets €10 each.

Eventbrite link coming very soon.

Antigone Reading of new play with 5 actors. Directed by Colin Murphy. (75 minutes)

Colin Murphy’s new play is based on Antigone by Sophocles, setting it in present day Dún Laoghaire amidst a contagion outbreak and the underlying migration crisis in Europe.

Antigone is the story of a body too toxic to be buried, a people under siege, a city under curfew, a conflict between martial law and human rights, a collapse in political authority. It is the story of a clash between love and law, between loyalty to family and duty to state.

His state under siege, as he sees it, Creon has given his troops licence to shoot new migrants arriving on the island (via Dún Laoghaire), under the pretext that they may be carrying contagion, and accordingly ordered that the bodies not be touched. His son, Haemon, a volunteer in the refugee camp, has fallen in love with a resident in the camp, Antigone. When her brother is shot on the beach, she flouts Creon's edict, risking infection. Creon fears not merely the spread of the literal contagion, but a moral contagion arising from her disobedience. When she violates the lockdown and attempts to bury his body, she risks spreading contagion - the moral contagion of disobedience, of a challenge to the political order.

The play aims to draw out contemporary resonances, provoking insight into the problems and conflicts of today: the trauma of not being able to properly mourn our dead; the extreme restriction of individual rights in the name of the greater good; the potential abuse of an emergency to consolidate state power and spread surveillance; the heightened fear of the other, of outsiders.

With support from the Arts Council and dlr Libraries via Creative Ireland.


Saturday 3 October at 2.00pm and 4.00pm in Moran Park, dlr LexIcon. Tickets €10 each. Click here to book.

According to Sydney by Gerry Lynch. With Rose Henderson (Father Ted/Fair City/Weighing In/Take Off Your Cornflakes) and directed by Caroline Fitzgerald. (30 minutes)

According to Sydney, everything has gone into decline: morality, masculinity, social behaviour…  According to Sydney, the colour green should be outlawed.  According to Sydney, plays should be dark, funny and short.

Rose Henderson plays Ruth, a law graduate who has been married for twenty-five years to the opinionated Sydney, who has sadly died.  It’s important to spot the warning signs when a loved one is driving you over the edge, but did Ruth help him on his way?  Did she go too far, in the end?  Who is the woman who turned up at his funeral, wearing red shoes?  Ruth didn’t mean to kill him… but in the end, something had to give.

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