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If you missed some of our events over the past few months you can now get a chance to hear them as they happened thanks to our podcasting page.
Here you can browse the complete collection of podcasts in the series. Each one may be played on the page, or downloaded and saved. You can also listen via our dlr soundcloud page here

Ireland Reads Day 24 February 2024 - Rick O’Shea in conversation with Elaine Feeney and Paul Murray
24 February, 2024 More Details
Ireland Reads Day 24 Feb 2024 - Miriam Mulcahy in conversation with Vincent Hyland and Maureen McCoy
24 February, 2024 More Details
Tales of the Otherworld – Anne Doyle In Conversation with Deirdre Sullivan Tues 31 October 2023
31 October, 2023 More Details
WILD WOMEN - A St Brigid’s Day Celebration dlr LexIcon 31st January 2023
27 February, 2023 More Details
Sebastian Barry in conversation with Myles Dungan
4 April, 2014 More Details
100 Poems: A celebration of Seamus Heaney’s best-loved poems
29 November, 2018 More Details
What is ADHD and what it isn't, a talk with Ken Kilbride, CEO of ADHD Ireland
14 September, 2022 More Details
Podcast FAQs
Why are DLR Libraries podcasting some of their programs?

People have busy lives and can't always attend the events in the Libraries when they'd like to. Podcasting offers those patrons a chance to listen to our biggest events whenever and wherever they want!

What types of library programs will be available?

We plan to podcast some of our events, such as the DLR Library Voices Series and selected other events in the future.

What does it cost to download or listen to a podcast?

Nothing. It's free