Policies and Publications

Code of Conduct and the Customers Role

We welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our services in the future. If you would like to comment or make a suggestion please email libraries@dlrcoco.ie.

Just as the customer is entitled to the highest level of customer service, Library staff should receive the same levels of respect and courtesy from the customer. The following conduct is not acceptable: -

  1. Behaviour that is disruptive and interferes with the use and enjoyment of Library facilities.
  2. Harassment of staff or members of the public by use of abusive, racist, obscene or threatening language.
  3. Use of violence or threat of violence towards staff and/or members of the public.
  4. Malicious damage to and/or theft of Library property.
  5. Food and drink (with the exception of bottled water) may not be consumed in the Library.
  6. The use of alcohol or illicit drugs while using Library facilities.
  7. Smoking/vaping on Library premises.
  8. Leaving personal property unattended in any Library.
  9. Members in breach of these terms and conditions will have their access to the  Library service suspended. The periods of suspension will be at the discretion of dlr Libraries. Users may be permanently suspended from the service for serious or repeated breaches of the terms and conditions.
    Members have 30 days to appeal the suspension. The appeal should be made in writing/email for the attention of the County Librarian.